Where can I observe installations of steel fiber-reinforced concrete besides the ones you have recently described?
We know of twelve existing projects and one other planned for 1974. Information about each can be obtained from the sponsors listed at the end of each item. 1. Ashland, Ohio. Completed August 1971. Entrance to truck weigh station off southbound 1-71. New pavement four inches thick, 500 feet long. Ohio Department of Transportation—Battelle Development Corporation. 2. New Cumberland (Harrisburg), Pennsylvania. Completed August 1972. Bridge deck overlay. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation — U.S. Steel—Battelle Development Corporation. 3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Completed July 1973. Bridge deck overlay. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation—U.S. Steel. 4. New York, New York. Completed March 1973. Ten- to twelve-inch-thick rehabilitation of Dyckman Street Bridge, Triborough Bridge and Tunnel. Port of New York Authority—Battelle Development Corporation. 5. Kingston, New York. Completed October 1973. Bridge No. 2 Roeliff-Jansenkill Highway 9W, 23 miles northeast of Kingston. Bridge deck overlay four inches thick. New York Department of Transportation—Battelle Development Corporation. 6. Tampa, Florida. Completed February 1972. Fiber concrete overlays at Tampa International Airport. Army Corps of Engineers—Construction Engineering Research Laboratories—U.S. Steel. 7. Warren (Detroit), Michigan. Completed October 1972. Three-inch overlay, 1,100 feet long, on Eight Mile Road. American Concrete Paving Association—Michigan Concrete Paving Association—Michigan Department of Transportation—U.S. Steel—Battelle Development Corporation. 8. Winona, Minnesota. Completed August 1972. Bridge deck overlay. Minnesota Department of Transportation—National-Standard Company. 9. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Completed October 1972. Four overlay projects. Cedar Rapids City Engineer—Battelle Development Corporation. 10. Greene County, Iowa (Near Jefferson). Completed September 1973. Three-mile overlay of Highway E53. Greene County—lowa State Highway Commission—Iowa Concrete Paving Association. 11. Vicksburg, Mississippi. Corps of Engineers research projects. Fibrous concrete overlays on concrete pavement and fibrous concrete pavement placed directly on grade, on cement treated subbase, and on membrane encapsulated soil. Traffic tested with heavy aircraft gear loadings. Unjointed fibrous street pavement to sturdy jointing requirements. 12. Fort Hood, Texas. 1974 construction. Four inch fibrous concrete overlay on a bituminous surfaced armored tank service area. 13. Beaumont, Texas. Placed September 1973. Experimental overlay, 80 feet long by 24 feet wide, on l-10. Average thickness slightly less than 3 1/2 inches.