Can you suggest how to correct a severe dusting condition on a factory floor?
How to proceed in repairing the floor will depend on the quality of the concrete. If the base concrete is good, the dusting results from the abrasion of a thin surface layer. This thin layer was probably caused by finishing too early. The finishing operation brought fines to the top, which hardened to a rather weak concrete of very low abrasion resistance. Remedial, though possibly expensive, methods are to grind off or to sandblast off this thin layer to expose the solid concrete underneath, which should have good wear resistance. If the concrete is otherwise of good quality, floor hardeners of the magnesium fluosilicate or zinc fluosilicate type may be effective. The treatment is carried out in three applications. The surface should be allowed to dry between the applications. A four- to five-hour drying period is generally sufficient. There are many hardeners on the market and the manufacturer's directions should be carefully followed.