Q.: How good are combination cure-and-seal compounds?

A.: The words "cure-and-seal" do not by themselves designate any specific composition or quality of curing compound, so designation of a material as a cure-and-seal compound is not by itself a guarantee that it will perform like other materials with the same designation. There are several kinds of materials—styrene acrylates, styrene butadienes and chlorinated rubbers that are formulated to meet Federal specification TT-C-800A. The purpose of these materials is to serve as a curing agent, hardener, sealer and dustpreventing compound for new concrete as well as a sealer and dustpreventing compound for old concrete surfaces. In general, products that meet this specification are considered to be high quality curing agents when applied at a suitable rate of coverage and to serve also the function of sealing. They are more expensive than many other types of liquid membrane curing compounds.