What's happened to the good old designations for wire mesh, such as 4X4 10X10? I used to be able to understand this 4 inches by 4 inches, 10 gage by 10 gage. Now I keep bumping into fancy numbers like 4X4 W1.4XW1.4. Why make everything so complicated?
The new designation of wire mesh does seem more complicated than the old. The "W1.4XW1.4" means the same thing as "10 gage by 10 gage" but the number "1.4" designates the cross-sectional area of the wire in hundredths of a square inch. In other words, the 1.4 equals 0.014 square inch. This is very handy information for the designer because it saves his having to look up the crosssectional area in a table. The "W" indicates plain wire. For deformed wire the "W" is replaced with a "D".