Q.: The owner's representative for a large job insists that the contractor patch the tie holes as soon as he strips the forms. (He has been keeping the forms heated and then stripping them after 48 to 72 hours.) As consultants, we prefer to wait until warm weather to patch the holes, then apply a grout cleandown finish. Is it necessary to patch the holes immediately?

A.: It shouldn't be necessary. If it is intended, however, that the pattern of patches should not be visible it will be necessary to take whatever measures are required to see that the texture and porosity of the tie hole patches match the rest of the wall. This will prevent them from showing through the grout. If, when it is time to apply the grout finish, the tie hole patches are not at about the same moisture content as the rest of the wall, it would be well to moisten the wall uniformly just before applying the grout.