We are trying to establish the approximate age of some old concrete. Do you know when 6x6-10x10 welded wire mesh was first used in the U. S.?
We don't know when that particular size became available and we don't know who does. William Wagner of the Wire Reinforcement Institute (WRI), McLean, Virginia, reports that a machine to make welded wire fencing was patented in 1901 by John C. Perry and that the Clinton Wire Cloth Company of Clinton, Massachusetts was the first to make the product commercially. By 1915 usage of welded wire fabric had grown until rather substantial quantities were being used in New York City. In the WRI files is a booklet published in 1922 by the Wickwire Spencer Steel Corporation of Worcester, Massachusetts that promotes "Clinton electrically welded wire" and shows many prominent buildings throughout the United States in which welded wire fabric had been used in the concrete. Most of the fabric styles illustrated in the booklet have 2-, 3- or 4-inch longitudinal wire spacings and 8-, 12- or 16-inch transverse spacings.