I am on the village council and have been advocating repair of our concrete streets with concrete overlays. We have a limited budget and I am not sure that bids for concrete would always be cheaper than blacktop, which has been traditionally used. What might be done to reduce the cost of concrete overlays and still ensure good results?
We think that following the design practices in the ACI Committee 325 report "Design of Concrete Overlays for Pavements" and the construction practices recommended in the several references given in that report should ensure a result that is both economical and long lasting. You should, however, consider the possibility of rehabilitating the streets by grinding. This is a less expensive method where the concrete itself is basically sound but must be made free of joint faults, low spots and slippery surfaces. Often the whole pavement does not have to be treated. A further advantage is that the streets may not have to be completely closed. Also, there are no new drainage problems introduced and the clearance under bridges is not affected.