Q.: We just finished an industrial floor job that meets flatness and levelness requirements and has no random shrinkage cracks. However, there is some craze cracking. The owner wants proof that these cracks won't get progressively worse with time and affect floor performance. Have any studies been done to show the effect of craze cracking on floor abrasion resistance or long-term performance?

A.: We don't know of any studies that show the effect of craze cracking on floor durability. We do know these cracks don't penetrate very far below the surface and they're so narrow that they're almost invisible. You might find an older industrial floor that's still performing well even with craze cracks present. Then show it to the owner of your floor to prove that floors with craze cracks can still perform well. Craze cracks are very common on many floors that receive hard trowel finishes so you shouldn't have much trouble finding an older floor that has the cracks.