What precautions should be taken with erection hardware?

  • Don't use bent bolts. These bolts are made of high carbon steel and thus are dangerous if bent; discard them and don't try to straighten them.
  • Use cut washers under all bolt heads for better bearing.
  • Make sure the erection bolts are long enough to penetrate completely through the coil insert.
  • Be certain the erection hardware is the proper size to fit the inserts being used.
  • If strongbacks are used, be sure they are not spliced at critical points. If there is any question contact the tilt-up detailer from the insert manufacturer.
  • Use grout pads under erection hardware situated on exposed aggregate surfaces. This will furnish a uniform bearing load to the slab.
  • Make sure the top edge lifting hardware is perpendicular to the vertical axis of the panel. If the panel has a sloping top (in the plane of the thickness) be sure the hardware is wedged to this position; otherwise, the inserts could be seriously overloaded.
  • See that the bales of all erection hardware are free to rotate along the line of action of load lines.