Contemporary architecture emphasizes the beauty of large spaces in correct proportion but with a minimum of surface ornaments. The great trend is toward beauty through functionality. And the new, fadeproof colors, the efficient sealers, and the many imaginative ways of handling surface textures which have been devised, have brought concrete into its own. It has become an almost irreplaceable element both indoors and out. Texture variations include simple brooming, sacking, grooving, an other miscellaneous surface deformations with the finishing tools, and also the pebbly textured exposed aggregate finish. The exposed aggregate finish is perhaps the most satisfactory and widely used of all. It has the greatest advantage of presenting the hardest part of the mix- the stone aggregate- for a wearing surface. This means that the "Tooth", or anti-skid qualities of the surface, will tend to remain effective over a much longer period than most other surface deformations. It presents a surface which will grip automobile tires and yet be entirely comfortable to the wearer of high heeled shoes. Finally, the qualities of color and texture may be varied through a wide range for special and harmonious effects.