Would a fibrous concrete overlay be suitable for repairing a cracked deck slab to save removing and replacing it? We have a 1,500-square-foot slab that is so badly cracked it does not drain properly.
A fibrous concrete overlay with a minimum thickness of one inch could be used. It could be made about two inches thicker at one side, as required, to provide drainage. The concrete supplier will have to make arrangements for adding steel fibers. One-inch rectangular fibers 0.10 by 0.022 would be a good size. These can best be added by sprinkling onto a conveyor belt, already charged with aggregate, which discharges into the mixer. Cement, air entraining agent and water are then added and mixing is begun. A good mix is 500 pounds of cement and 226 pounds of fly ash per cubic yard with 1.2 percent fibers by volume. The mix is spread over the surface with rakes and shovels and then consolidated and screeded with a vibrating screed. Finishing operations should effect the covering of all fibers but at the same time the surface should be made skidresistant by some method such as brooming.