Now that fuel shortages are here we are interested to know if there is any rapid way of detecting the locations of heat leaks in building walls.
An infrared camera has been developed in Sweden to produce thermograms of building walls. It makes a thermal image that immediately reveals points of air leakage or defects in insulation. The method is described in a 106-page illustrated report which is available in English: "Thermography of Buildings," by Ivar Paljak and Bertil Pettersson. Copies, which sell for 40 Swedish kronen (about $10), are available from Svensk Byggtjanst, Box 1403, S-111 84 Stockholm, Sweden. Interpretation of thermograms requires familiarity with the method and the many physical factors that may affect it. Yet the method has the advantages that measurement is carried out instantaneously over large surfaces and can be done at a considerable distance from the wall.