We would like to produce a coarse, or broken texture on the columns of a bank building. A sandblasted surface wouldn't be coarse or rough enough, and we don't think casting against a special form liner would give the right effect. What do you suggest?
Some kind of mechanical fracturing is probably what you want. The tool used may be a bushhammer, jackhammer, hand hammer, chisel or other implement that will break away the surface or a part of it. You might want to consider combining this technique with a patterned surface, which is done more often than not. In this method only a portion of the surface, such as projecting ribs, is fractured and the resulting pattern is made up alternately of rough and smooth surfaces. First National Bank, Lansing, Illinois. This rugged texture was achieved by casting against a trapezoidal-rib plastic form liner and later hand hammering to fracture the ribs.