A Look Through the Archives

Concrete Construction's Industry Sourcebook is the definitive snapshot of the state-of-the-industry circa 2006. But, as we are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to take a glance back to our own beginnings by pulling some of our favorite products of yesteryear from our archives.

Divided into categories including Concrete Making Materials, Concrete Construction Equipment, Concrete Supplies, Formwork Products, Placing and Finishing Equipment, Repair and Demolition Equipment, and Decorative Concrete Tools, our journey back in time will provide fascinating details on old-school equipment and technique, elucidate the process of innovation, and demonstrate how far the industry has come in such a short tme.

We hope you enjoy this review of the concrete industry. As Concrete Construction continues this year, we will have additional features commemorating our 50th Anniversary for you to enjoy, both in the magazine and on the Web. Please join us for a rousing look at the history of an industry with a bright future.

From the Archives:

Removing Stains from Concrete

Huge, Asymmetrical Tilt-Up Panels Challenge Contractor Ingenuity

Take the Sweat Out of Hot-Weather Concreting

Identifying Concrete Deterioration

Tremie Concrete

Patching Architectural Concrete

Rolling Box Culvert Forms Provide 1-Day Cycle Time

Paving with Roller Compacted Concrete

Polypropylene Fibers

Cellular Concrete

Transit Mixers

Early-Entry Saw

Vinyl Water Barrier

Polyurethane Sealant


Prefabricated Forms

Form Release Agents

Slipform Paver

Ride-On Trowel

Concrete Pumps

Powder-Lance Demolition

Epoxy Alloys

Tile Stamping

Rubber Sheeting

Laser Construction Tools


Polyethylene Film