Q.: One of our subcontractors has been installing epoxy coated rebars in the first deck of a parking garage. We've noticed quite a number of nicks in the coating. These vary from scratch marks to chips of 1/4 inch or more. Are there standard precautions that should be enforced to protect the coating?

We'd like not to have this problem continue on the decks remaining to be built.

A.: It's mainly a matter of using care every step of the way by such methods as

  • using nylon or padded bands for bundling the bars
  • using nylon or padded wire rope slings
  • lifting at the third points or using spreader bars
  • storing bars on padded or wooden cribbing
  • avoiding moving the bars by dragging
  • walking on installed bars as little as possible
  • taking care not to drop tools or heavy materials on the bars

Meantime, you should see to it that the damaged bars are touched up with an epoxy coating that is compatible with the original coating.