Question: Why don't compression test cylinders come with handles?

They are awkward to carry, especially over rough terrain, and if you drop one you've lost your test data.

Answer: Your question is timely because L. B. Shotwell, of Master Builders, has recently devised a homemade reusable handle that is described in "A Simple Device for Carrying 6x12-in. Concrete Test Cylinders," Concrete International, March 1983, pages 39 and 40.

It consists of a 3/4x1x6-inch smooth piece of wood with a 1/4- or 3/8-inch hole drilled lengthwise through it and a 54-inch length of 1/4-inch-diameter polypropylene rope. Two pieces of 3/8-inch (outside diameter) flexible copper pipe, 1/2 inch long, are slipped over the rope and hammered flat to form permanent loops in the rope. These loops should be just slightly larger than the circumference of the 6x12-inch test cylinder mold.

The device is used to carry the cylinder upright without pressure from the vertical ropes and without spilling.