Can you make concrete for a wall workable enough by means of a large amount of air so that it will flow easily, consolidate well without vibration and still have the 3000-psi strength needed? We would be willing to use as much cement as necessary.
The mix would have to be designed for the purpose using the materials that will be available on the job. Essentially, this same kind of modification of a mix was reported in Portland Cement Association Bulletin D 104. In that study, a mix was modified that had originally contained 527 pounds of cement per cubic yard, had a water-cement ratio of 0.49, a slump of 1.5 inches and an air content of 2.5 percent. A considerable amount of air-entraining agent was added to boost the air content up to 11.4 percent. The cement content dropped to 480 pounds per cubic yard, the water-cement ratio went up to 0.56 and the slump increased to 8.5 inches. The original mix achieved a 28-day compressive strength of 6680 psi. The modified mix achieved only 3200 psi, but this was adequate for the purpose. By using air (instead of water) to achieve a high slump a highly workable concrete was obtained and with no increase in drying shrinkage.