Q.: Among the many states in this country there seems to be a wide variety of specifications for joint spacings, joint sizes, joint configurations and joint sealants for highways. Where can a joint sealant manufacturer obtain a guide to the requirements of all the states? Some such guide is needed, not only to help decide what products to manufacture but as a guide to the many jointing and sealing practices in use.

A.: For many years the Portland Cement Association has been publishing a charted summary of these and other specifications, as well as design details for expressways and primary highways. The summary gives information on concrete pavements, concrete shoulders, drainage, consolidation of concrete and curing of concrete. It even gives 24-foot roadway concrete mileage by pavement design type.

The latest edition is the first since 1977. Recently off the press, it is an updating of that edition, which was cited in a recent Problem Clinic item on another subject (October 1982 issue, page 821). The title is A Charted Summary of Concrete Highway Pavement Practices in the United States 1982, IS 201.02P. It is available from Portland Cement Association, 5420 Old Orchard Road, Skokie, Illinois 60077.