Q.: Where can we get a good manual on concrete finishing?

A.: We'd like to tell you about two good books on the subject. One is the new Slabs on Grade, an 80-page (coat-pocket size) book in the Concrete Craftsman Series published by the American Concrete Institute, Box 19150, Detroit, Michigan 48219. The price is $6.95. The book discusses materials, mix proportions, job operations and common problems, and it has an introductory chapter on what the concrete craftsman should know about concrete.

Another book that covers the subject well is "A Concrete Construction Guide to Finishing and Related Problems," by J. C. "Skip" Yeager. This book is available from Concrete Construction Publications, 426 South Westgate, Addison, Illinois 60101. This 32-page book discusses construction and finishing methods for regular, heavy-duty and ornamental flatwork surfaces; curing methods; and what to do about problems. It also discusses the finishing of vertical, architectural surfaces.