Q.: The concrete floor in my horse barn has an ulra-smooth finish. I’m concerned that with horseshoes on their hooves, the horses may slip and fall. Any ideas on how to improve the traction?

A.: The easiest way to provide better traction would be to lightly sandblast the floor. The profile should be just enough to provide traction, but not so deep that cleaning becomes difficult. Or you could shotblast as an alternative to sandblasting. Shotblasting machines have the advantage of collecting the dust as it is created.

A more expensive approach would be to install an overlay cement product on top of the existing floor. To do this would require shotblasting the floor first to create a bondable surface. Overlay cement products have polymers in them to achieve the bond and retain enough water to get an effective cure, which also makes them fairly impermeable. A broom finish on the surface should provide the traction you need.