For a special job it is desired to produce colored murals by using colored aggregate accurately positioned and embedded in the surface. The aggregate transfer method has been recommended. Where can I obtain more information about this method?
Office machine copies of a 4-page article, "Color and Texture in Concrete Surfaces," published in CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION, November 1956, are available from Concrete Construction Publications, 426 S. Westgate, Addison, Illinois 60101 for $1.00. A 16-page booklet called "Color and Texture in Architectural Concrete by Aggregate Transfer," formerly available from the Portland Cement Association, is now out of print, but may be found in some concrete libraries. This method is one by which the aggregate is preplaced by hand on the surface of the form (or a form liner) by gluing. After removal of the form, the aggregate remains in the concrete. It is possible to do intricate work by this method. Very sharp divisions of color can be obtained and the artist who places the aggregate can see ahead of time the general impression that will be achieved in the concrete.