Where can we get information on tremie concreting?
The subject is covered in two articles published in Concrete Construction: "Concrete Down the Spout," July 1968, page 247, and "Placing Concrete Under Water," December 1968, page 453. Both are available online. One 12-page chapter titled "Placement of Tremie Concrete," by Ben Gerwick, can be found in the American Concrete Institute Symposium on Concrete Construction in Aqueous Environments, SP-8, published in 1964. The 160-page book is available on microfilm as OP No. 54,501 from University Microfilm, Ann Arbor, Michigan for $8.45. A special method of tremie concreting was described in a more recent five-page article, "Underwater Transporting of Concrete with the Hydro-valve," by Louis C. Schoewert and Henri F. Hillen, in the ACI Journal for September 1972, page 584.