What precautions should be taken when using inserts, for tilt-up erections:

  • Be sure inserts are firmly tied in place so they can't be moved or tipped during pouring.
  • If coil inserts are used, be sure a setting plug is installed prior to placing concrete so it will not enter coil threads.
  • Place the inserts exactly where shown on the placing details. If there is an obstruction present, have the panel re-engineered.
  • On wall brace anchor inserts, don't place too close to erection inserts or strongback inserts because there could be interference with rigging. Place them and floor brace anchor far enough apart so crane outriggers will be able to clear the braces when attached.
  • Make sure the inserts are of proper depth for the panel in which they are used. If too high, they will interfere with the lifting hardware and its bearing. If too low, the bolts may be overloaded in shear.
  • Be sure to vibrate and consolidate the concrete thoroughly around the inserts so they develop the required safe working load.