We hear occasionally of an organization called CIB. Could you tell something of its makeup and purposes?
CIB stands for International Collaboration to serve Building Research and the Consumer. This international building research and information organization was set up in 1953 at the instigation of the United Nations' Economic Commission for Europe in order to facilitate, develop and encourage international cooperation in all aspects of this field. The organization hopes to facilitate the exchange of documentation and information between nations; to develop closer international links between research and industry; and to increase research productivity through cooperative research projects and the exchange of research workers among member organizations in different countries. Members include major building research and information organizations throughout the world, including institutes, university departments, professional organizations, trade associations and industrial enterprises. A monthly magazine, Build International, as well as CIB reports, books and papers, helps to publicize the results of such research. Additional information is available through: General Secretariat of CIB, P.O. Box 299, Weena 700, Rotterdam, Netherlands.