Question: Lately we're being called on to do more concrete repair and restoration work and we need to get some of our less-experienced workers up to speed on this. What do you suggest?

Answer: There are some basic things to attend to in any concrete repair. Good surface preparation and selecting an appropriate repair material are near the top of the list. But it's also important to remember that any repair is only as good as the base material that it's being applied to.

One of my favorite resources on this subject is Peter Emmons' book “Concrete Repair and Maintenance Illustrated.” It covers the gamut of concrete repairs, including why repairs become necessary.

Of course another great source of information on concrete repair is the seminar program at World of Concrete. This year's Concrete Repair track offers four sessions on Monday, Jan. 21, and two sessions each on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Taught by industry experts, these seminars are a good way to quickly learn a lot.