What materials can be used for plugging tie holes?
Portland cement mortar or epoxy mortar can be used or the holes can be filled with manufactured plugs made of plastic, lead or precast concrete. Mortar materials are less likely to smear if they are made to a dry consistency and tamped into the hole. When portland cement mortar is used the interior of the hole should be prewetted with clear water and brushed with a cement slurry before the mortar is put in place. Epoxy mortar should be applied according to the manufacturer's instructions. This operation is usually done with a caulking gun. Precast concrete grout plugs are manufactured to fit tie cone holes, either flush with the surrounding surface or with a 1/4-inch recess. A neoprene waterproof adhesive is supplied with the plugs to assure a watertight seal. Plastic cone plugs are wedged into the holes, leaving a recess of a standard depth. Lead plugs can be wedged into tie holes by hammering.