Formation of concretes with compressive strengths of 15,000 psi and higher is now possible by replacing or augmenting Portland cement as the cementing matrix. Replace Portland cement with a polymer and you have a polymer concrete (PC). Impregnate Portland cement concrete with a polymer and you have polymer-impregnated concrete (PIC). Replace the cement-and-water nozzle on shotcreting equipment with a polymer nozzle and you have polymer shotcrete.

To date, the technology of polymers in concrete has been used to substantially reduce water erosion of large hydraulic structures; to protect highway bridge decks from salt-induced corrosion of the reinforcing steel; to produce high-strength watertight tunnel liners; to restore several deteriorated concrete buildings; and as industrial floor overlays where normal concrete is subject to a hostile environment.

This article will address the last two applications in particular--building restoration and production of high-strength, fast-setting industrial floor overlays.