How often have you thought , "if someone could invest a concrete that would not crack, he could become a millionaire overnight." We don't think anyone has perfected such a concrete yet, but we do believe from our experience that expansive cements are a giant step in that direction. To date, we have worked on many projects involving expansive concretes. In summing up, our observations would be as follows: (1) expansive cements definitely cause a significant reduction in the number of cracks in a slab on grade; (2) construction method and procedures must be watched closely to insure proper placement of wire mesh, as it is critical in the action of expansive cement concrete; (3) handling and placing expansive cement concrete is no different from handling and placing regular portland cement concrete; (4) as with regular concrete, it is better to place square shapes rather than long narrow areas; (5) isolate all walls with bond breaker such as plastic film or paper; (6) considering all savings such as sawcutting, filling joints, isolating columns, and reduction in bulkheads, we have found that installations with expansive cements cost .03 square foot to .04 square foot more depending on the thickness of the slab; and (7) keep in mind that all the other factors that serve to cause cracking in concrete- temperature extremes, compaction, poor mix, and overloading- are still present, and this point should be made clear to any prospective customer.