An exhibition center of unusual futuristic design has been built by Philips, an electronic company, at its Eindhoven headquarters in Holland. The center is known as the Evoluon and its opening marked the 75th anniversary of the company. The Evoluon is approximately 100 feet high and resembles two shallow "dishes" with the hollow sides facing each other. The diameter of the building is 253 feet and the dishes are supported by 12 V-shaped columns located around a circle 115 feet in diameter. The foundation of the Evoluon is a heavy, reinforced concrete raft, topped by a two-story, 12 sided basement. The 12 supporting columns for the superstructure extend upwards from the corner walls of the basement. The columns were site-cast in a single steel form. The precast elements for the lower dish included horizontal sections of floor slab. Floors at three levels circle the inside of the dish. The elements were precast vertically. Three rings each of 96 elements, weighing 1 and one-half, 15, and 10 tones from the center outwards, were used. False work for the upper disk consisted of 12 central steel masts, plus tubular steel scaffolding based on the second and third floor levels of the lower dish. The falsework was topped with a wooden deck on which adjustalbe supports were mounted. Three supports were used for each precast element to ensure accurate location. A total of 822 roof elements were needed; each was 6 sided and weighted 2.4 tons.