CEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V., announced today the launch of its latest global ready-mix concrete brand, Insularis. This new brand offers a portfolio of construction solutions and ready-mix concrete products designed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings—intensifying the company’s commitment to bring about industry-transforming sustainable construction practices.

One unique construction solution under the Insularis brand portfolio is a special ready-mix concrete product created by integrating innovative concrete technologies with a proprietary construction system. This innovation makes it possible to offer a 100% structural light-weight ready-mix concrete solution with superior thermal insulation that very effectively reduces thermal bridges and improves acoustic performance.

Another important feature of Insularis ready-mix concretes is their fresh properties, including self-compacting, high workability retention of at least 90 minutes and easy to pump. These qualities are made possible due to tailor-designed proprietary admixture technologies.

“Insularis is one example of what can be accomplished when we push the technical boundaries of concrete production. Cutting edge products such as Insularis not only target our customers' specific needs, but also foster CEMEX's position as a preferred supplier and leader in the building materials industry,” said Karl H. Watson Jr., President of CEMEX in the USA.

Insularis was developed by the CEMEX Research Group AG in Switzerland in collaboration with CEMEX France, who played a fundamental role in the industrialization of this construction system.

“With the introduction of the Insularis construction system, CEMEX offers an innovative and 100% ready-mix concrete-based technology for thermal insulation, allowing our customers to achieve important energy savings, improved quality of life, and more comfortable structures for any climatic condition,” said Davide Zampini, Head of the CEMEX Research Group.

Insularis is already being offered in Mexico and France, and the industrialization of this technology is underway in a number of CEMEX countries.