A new pinnacle on the Manhattan skyline, City Spire at 146 West 56th Street received the 1987 annual award of the New York Concrete Industry Board for overall excellence in quality of design and construction of buildings and structures using concrete as a material. With a total height of 810 feet, the 72-story building is also noteworthy for its structural slenderness.


The site and zoning constraints as well as the mixed use of the building have resulted in a complex, hybrid structural system, using a combination of shear wall and tube structural schemes.


Specified compressive strength of the concrete used in columns ranged from 8300 psi at lower levels to 5600 psi higher in the building.


As building heights increase and site areas dwindle, the value of concrete frames in reducing the occupants' perception of motion assumes great importance. When comparing buildings of structural steel and reinforced concrete having similar stiffnesses, the perceived motion in the concrete building will be less because the greater mass of the concrete structure slows down its swaying motion.