Staker Parson Companies has created a new line of customizable concrete mixes, WIN3, that adapt to weather, time constraints, and other unique ready-mix concrete challenges. WIN3 mixes were developed to provide contractors and owners with a mix design that is easier to work with and finish.

Staker Parson's experience in the industry and knowledge of concrete design have gone into developing two new innovative WIN3 mix designs, Pro and Master. No matter the physical region or concrete application, WIN3 mixes can be tailored to meet each customer's specific needs.

Contractors pouring cement may need a mix that has a delayed set time because of the heat, while another contractor pouring may not be worried about a longer set time, but may need a mix with extra pea gravel for easier finishability. The WIN3 mixes are designed and monitored by a quality control team to meet the customer's specifications and needs, based on the physical region and the concrete application.

From a foundation wall to an outside flat, WIN3 mixes are customizable to provide exceptional workability and finishability. The mixes can be easily ordered by usage or mix number in any market.

"When we provide products that help our valued contractors and owners win, we win," says president and CEO, Scott Parson. "The best words we can hear our customers say is, 'I'll be back.' Our WIN3 mix collection will help strengthen relationships with our contractors and ensure that we are The Preferred Source for quality ready-mixed concrete."