What kinds of cuts are concrete saws and drills capable of making? The possibilities seem limitless. Saws and drills can be used to cut openings in walls and floors for doors and windows, for pipes, conduit and air ducts, and for staircases, elevators and trash chutes. They can also be used to cut buildings or bridges into pieces for safe dismantling. Buildings can be renovated while they're occupied without creating much noise, dust or vibration. And unlike jackhammering, saw cutting leaves a clean straight edge. Saws are also useful in other applications. They can be used to cut control joints in green concrete, to cut utility chases in walls or floors, or to cut and remove curbs to make driveways or sidewalk ramps at pedestrian crossings. Drills can also be used in several ways: to drill concrete cores for in-place strength tests, to drill holes in foundations for injecting grout to reinforce the foundation, or to drill holes in mass concrete so that the concrete can be demolished using hydraulic splitters or nonexplosive demolition agents. This article highlights drilling and sawing jobs in some abnormal situations.