Over the next 50 years, I see a move toward higher quality concrete led by implementation of the 10-to 12-year FHWA Concrete Pavement Road Map research, starting with its “Performance-Based Concrete Pavement Mix Design System.”

I foresee greater emphasis on performance specifications. Where strength is specified, there will be no limitations on minimum cementitious materials or water-cementitious materials ratio. There will be limitations on mix segregation during placement and durability. Mixture designs will be recognized as different from mixture proportions following Abrams' 1918 position stated in Lewis Institute Bulletin 1. Aggregate from a single source will be judged based on quality and not as being for concrete, asphalt, or other special application. Proportions of concrete mixtures will be automatically adjusted in the batch plant to replicate the mix design. Portland cement concrete made 50 years from now will be a more sophisticated product than it is today.

—James M. Shilstone, Sr.

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