The injection method of filing concrete cracks with epoxy adhesives can be used to fill any concrete crack .002 inches or more in width. Cracks of one-sixtyfourth of an inch wide and 6 to 8 feet deep have been successfully filled; with wider cracks, penetration is virtually unlimited. Within 24 hours the crack is not only sealed against moisture, but is capable of bearing full structural loads. The epoxy adhesive used in pressure injection consists of modified resins and hardeners which are mixed together in a special gun just before injection and cure quickly through chemical reaction. The portable pressure injection equipment consists of a special gun connected by hoses to the two adhesive components and an electric or air-driven pump with 300 psi capacity. V'ing the cracks was eliminated by a strippable plastic which is brushed on the outside of the cracks- on interior wall surfaces when required- and penetrates sufficiently to prevent the injected epoxy from oozing out. When the adhesive cures the seal is stripped off without marring the concrete or surface finishes.