The Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association (CSDA) is pleased to release the proceedings from the roundtable discussions held during World of Concrete 2009 and the 2009 CSDA Convention. "Roundtables provide attendees with a great format to share information and learn from the knowledge and experiences of others," said CSDA executive director Pat O'Brien. "The association is extremely pleased with both the attendance and outcomes of these discussions," he added.

Three roundtables with topics on slurry recycling, risk management and different methods of billing cutting services were held, attracting healthy attendance figures from both CSDA members and other industry professionals.

Sustainable "green" building construction is a very hot subject. The purpose of the Slurry Recycling Roundtable discussion was to share collective experiences with the issue of concrete slurry containment and recycling, including individual state regulations, knowledge of acceptable pH levels for waste materials and the understanding and implementation of acronyms such as SPCC and SWPPP.

Embracing risk management strategies will result in long-term claim cost reductions by incorporating industry specific loss reduction techniques in conjunction with aggressive claims management procedures. Discussions during the Risk Management Roundtable focused on subjects like the hiring requirements, attitudes toward insurance claims and training processes of employers, with emphasis on the promotion of positive attitudes towards all aspects of safety.

A roundtable entitled Different Methods of Billing Cutting Services was held to discuss how cutting contractors handle this particular element of their business. Participants offered views and opinions on issues such as the pros and cons of various billing methods, how quotes are broken down to show job-specific requirements and how the introduction of online billing has affected business.

Each of the two-hour discussions produced great insight and opinions, while the sharing of knowledge and experiences provided several new ideas for people to take away and use in their own businesses. The release of these three roundtable proceedings gives opportunity for others to benefit from the shared wisdom.

Roundtable discussions are available on the CSDA Website. Click Here to view the Slurry Recycling Roundtable. For more information, contact the CSDA office at 727-577-5004 or email