Pervious concrete represents a significant opportunity for concrete flatwork contractors but it’s not as simple as just ordering different material from your producer. The first pervious concrete project I ever saw looked strange as it was being placed--the concrete didn’t flow at all and had to be pushed down the chute and laboriously worked into place. In the end, that project suffered severe surface raveling and was replaced with asphalt.

Luckily, we’ve learned a lot in the intervening 10 years—but there’s still a lot to learn about this fickle material. And there’s good reason to learn it since the demand is going to continue to increase as people learn about the remarkable properties it brings to parking lots, alleyways, and streets. And with the environmental push to prevent surface runoff from entering streams pervious is becoming the paving material of choice in many applications. You have three chances over the next few months to learn more about pervious concrete and I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity.

First, August 5 to 8 is Pervious in Paradise in San Diego, sponsored by the National Pervious Concrete Pavement Association. Corporate sponsors include Lehigh Hanson Cement, Argos, and Lura Enterprises. You can review the agenda by clicking here.

Second up is the Pervious Roast sponsored by Oldcastle Materials, Cal Portland, Bunyan Industries, and the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. The group organizing this is the same one that created the ACI logo slab at Pervious Concrete Live in January. They will gather in the Las Vegas desert October 9 and 10 to experiment with pervious and learn about the newest advances. Click here to learn more about that.

But I saved the best for last. Pervious Concrete Live will be returning to the World of Concrete in late January 2015. While the program and sponsors have not yet been finalized, at Pervious Live you’ll have the chance to work with the material yourself and begin to develop a feel for the proper density. Remember, as Jereme Montgomery says, with pervious density is our destiny—click here to read more.

Pervious concrete is not foolproof, but done right it can be very durable in any climate. What’s your experience with the material or with any of these events?