Not every facet to the damage in Skopje would constitute a lesson for American construction people. Examples such as damage to unreinforced shear walls or to beams with the top reinforcement completely cut off would be extraneous. However, some examples are quite pertinent. Whether because of its use for business or for architectural considerations, the first story of many of the buildings was taller and had fewer walls. The whole structure could have actually worked liked a flexible spring that allowed for translation, torsion, and rocking. Unfortunately, the first story columns did not possess the strength to restore the rigid mass constituted by the upper stories to its normal position and remained in a bent condition. The critical point in the earthquake-resistant design of the reinforced concrete frame is the connection between vertical and horizontal elements, since that is where the bending and twisting moments and shears usually reach a maximum. Reinforced concrete connections can be designed to satisfy the most stringent requirements of strength and energy absorption. However, the connections must be detailed by a competent designer aware of the necessity of and means for continuity.