Because national economic indicators have a great influence on the performance of the cement, concrete and construction industries, tracking and understanding changes in the national economy is critical.

"U.S. Construction Pulse," developed by the Portland Cement Association (PCA), provides cutting-edge information and insight into the U.S. construction industry. It includes general economic trends, construction activity indicators, real and nominal construction spending for 35 categories, presented in ready-to-use slides and spreadsheets.

Indicators are broken down into residential, nonresidential and public construction sectors.

The packet is distributed monthly ensuring the most current data and includes a one-year forecast as well as historical look back. Written commentary from PCA staff economists supplements each report. It is an invaluable resource for business planners and sales executives as well as engineers, contractors, industry consultants, manufacturers, market analysts, and distributors.

For more information on this and other PCA Economic Research reports, visit the PCA Website at Orders can also be placed by calling (847) 972-9048.