You may not know much about portland limestone cement (PLC) but it’s coming soon to a project near you. Attend the Building Successful Public Projects luncheon and forum on Thursday, February 5 at the World of Concrete to learn all about this innovative material and how it was used on a major pavement project in Denver. Or, read an interview with Tim Cost from Holcim about the results that are being achieved with PLC.

The project that will be reviewed at the luncheon was the 2015 winner of the Triad Award, which recognizes construction teams that successfully used PLC on a public project. Public owners aren’t often willing to take chances on innovative materials, but in this case we found several projects that used PLC for its reduced carbon footprint and also for its ability to enhance the reactiveness of supplementary cementitious materials. The Pena Boulevard project used PLC and recycled crushed concrete to build a durable two-mile section of roadway.

Publicly funded construction is different than private work, requiring different skills and focus. Speakers from the Colorado DOT and the contractor/concrete producer will go through the project from specs to smooth pavement. Experts in PLC will describe how the material has been used and the impressive results. To learn more and to register for the luncheon, click here.