The versatility of concrete has been proved again by four Florida men who yearned for an inexpensive sailboat with a minimum of maintenance problems. The yacht they built, called Featherstone, cost about 3,600 dollars less than half the price of a conventional boat of equal size. Another benefit is that the concrete hull isn't affected by either salt water or fresh water and therefore, the days of scraping, sanding, painting and refinishing needed to maintain wood hulls are eliminated. Also, when a wash sent Featherstone into a seawall only a simple patching job with a small batch of concrete was needed and she was ready to sail again. The concrete yacht was formed of three-sixteenth inch steel rods laced with four layers of fine wire mesh and coated with a layer of 4,000 psi concrete about three-eights of an inch thick. The concrete was applied just as a plasterer would finish a wall. A high-strength mix with clean sand and as little water as possible was used, and the builders made certain that the hull was well cured. Similar boats have been made in other countries including Italy, New Zealand and England.