The Xtender, a new mechanical tension and compression rebar splicing system, finding widespread acceptance in the western United States, has both structural and field installation advantages. Bar end preparation is quick, simple, and economical and can be done either in the shop or in the field. Compared to lap splices, the Xtender reduces crane time and can result in fewer cranes being needed on the job. The relatively short couplers do not interfere with other reinforcing.

The Xtender Mechanical Splicing System requires three pieces of equipment: the Xtender upsetting machine, a hydraulic pump, and gas heating equipment.

Detailed installation instructions are given.

The capacity of the Xtender Splicing System far exceeds that of A706 reinforcing steel for stress and strain in tension, compression, and cyclic loading. The splicing system exceeds all specifications, including the CalTrans Ultimate Splice criteria and the 1997 UBC Type 2 splice for seismic areas 2, 3, and 4. It also has ICBO and City of Los Angeles approval.

Some recent applications of the Xtender Splicing System include the expansion of the San Francisco airport; all recent CalTrans retrofits of bridges, footings, and columns; columns at the new PacBell Stadium; a light rail project in Portland, Ore.; splicing to create continuous hoops for freeway approaches in California; and joining of precast girders for the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge.