Projecting rebars and dowels can be more than just a nuisance. They add to forming costs and make it necessary to purchase forms that the contractor would prefer only to rent. They add to stripping difficulties. Sometimes they bread off and create a repair problem. And they repeatedly injure work crews by bruising shins, scraping scalps, and gouging backs. Many such problems can be eliminated by mechanical systems consisting of inserts and anchoring devices. The analytical approach to substitution for dowel bars is quite direct. The first objective is to evaluate the design working load of each dowel bar and compare these values with the allowable yields of suitable stud alternatives. Stud yield load should be approximately 1.5 times the dowel bar projection design working load. A suitable insert with an adequate capacity is then selected. The adjustment factor of 1.5 decreases the possibility of exceeding the tensile/shear capacities of the concrete. If greater assurance is desired the factor can be increased.