We've known for the past 35 years that the strongest concretes are those that attain plastic consistency with the lowest water cement ratios. For an even longer period we've known that concrete will not develop its full potential strength if it is dried out too soon. A test by the Ohio Ready Mixed Concrete Association in Dayton, Ohio demonstrated this. Four beams were made and bent to the fracture point by a load of concrete bricks. Two of the beams were made with a high water cement ration of 8 gallons of water per sack of cement. The remaining two beams were make with a water cement ratio of 5 gallons per sack. The result was the beam that was made with a 5 gallon ratio and during curing it was kept moist for 24 hours was a 50% improvement over the equivalent mix dry cured, a 70% over the moist cured wet mix and almost 170% over the dry cured wet mix.