A check of several ready mix firms confirmed a long standing suspicion that many men do not order concrete correctly. True, the concrete gets there, but the smooth integration of concrete quality and delivery that can spell worth while savings for a contractor is never fully realized. First of all, when the customer calls in an order to his supplier, he should included the job P. O. number, if there is one. Listed below is additional information your ready mix supplier should be given to ensure a smooth running operation. (1) Performance specification- if you want the ready mix supplier to be responsible for concrete performance, specify the following: compressive strength, slump, maximum aggregate size, and air content. If you want to be responsible for concrete performance, specify the following: cement content, water content, maximum aggregate size, slump, air content, and admixtures. (2) When? Order concrete at least one day before you require it. (3) Where? Give your supplier the exact location of the job and the spot on the job where you want the concrete delivered. (4) Changes- on even the best planned and managed construction jobs the unexpected can crop up to throw the concreting schedule off. When this happens your ready mix supplier will be happy to reschedule concrete deliveries to suit your needs. The time is takes to begin discharging ready mix from the truck after if arrives at the jobsite and the preparations for receiving the concrete will have an important bearing on the ultimate quality and cost of the concrete in place. Before the first ready mix truck is to arrive, have the formwork and sub-base ready for receiving concrete. Try to make it possible for the truck to discharge directly into the forms. Why bother with all this preparation? Because it will mean better, more economical concrete in place and fewer headaches.