ACI really shines in selling concrete through the development and dissemination of technical information. Many of us were attracted to ACI because we saw an opportunity to be involved in a developing technology. Industry groups such as the Portland Cement Association and government organizations such as the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation have also contributed greatly to research and our understanding of how to use concrete and reinforcement properly. ACI used to sell concrete effectively by publishing simplified design methods. My worn-out copy of the 1947 edition of the Building Code is 64 pages long and was easy to learn and use. Today, the Code is almost three times as long and hard to use. Is it really three times better or safer? We know it discourages many people from considering reinforced concrete construction. Steel joist manufactures successfully promote their product by making the design so simple a high school boy can select the required sizes. Why can't the concrete industry do the same? No one suggest our organization should promote concrete by advertising or direct sales campaigns, but ACI can promote concrete by focusing on important research needs, developing recommendations for good design and construction practices, and disseminating reliable knowledge about concrete. Those of us in research, education, or design can urge, or even help, our friends supplying materials or construction how to promote concrete more effectively. ACI can also logically study and discuss such things as economics, cost, insurance, esthetics, livability, energy, and conservation.