Solidia Cement was described in the Innovations column in the March 2014 issue of Concrete Construction. In part that article stated that this technology was only applicable to "smaller precast parts." We received two letters refuting that statement.

From Tom Schuler, CEO of Solidia Technologies: Thanks for highlighting Solidia's low carbon cement and concrete technology! I would like to clarify one point; our technology is currently targeted at the entire precast market, including larger precast sections. We currently have a full scale hollow core extruder in our lab (check out a picture of one 3 ton section here) and are collaborating with DOT's Federal Highway Administration to accelerate our technology into infrastructure applications.

From Peter Quail, VP Precast Concrete Innovation Division, Industrial Segment. Lafarge: I can add to the comments raised by Tom Schuler regarding the spectrum of suitable applications that are open to the Solidia technology. Lafarge has entered into a Joint Development Agreement with Solidia based on the applicability of this new generation of cement and the associated curing process (as it stands today), to a very wide variety of precast concrete applications from as basic as concrete block and hardscape products, to as sophisticated as hollowcore, Architectural precast cladding and concrete pipe. Although Solidia is at the very early stages of development (4 or 5 years compared to Portland's century and a half), it is already on the verge of commercialization as a game changer with respect to both sustainability as well as improved profitability for the precast concrete industry. I personally have no doubt that the applications introduced to Solidia will continue to expand over time to potentially include the realm of cast-in-place concrete.