Concrete curbs and highway medians can now be placed with machines and without forms. The products are an "extruded" curb an gutter, and a "slip formed" median both made by machines especially designed to perform these functions. An almost dry, 0 slump concrete is fed into the hopper of the curb and gutter machine, and is forced under pressure through a specially designed mold, much like a tooth paste is squeezed through a tube. Augers cause the voids to be squeezed out by pressure build-up. The machine moves away form the abutment that is formed as the mold is filled. This results in a compacted, high-density curb that is uniform in size and shape, freestanding without forms, and structurally sound. The finished product left behind requires only minor handfinishing where joints are cut or where special shaping for driveways is necessary. Brushing and curing are the only other handfinishing jobs required.