Newly engineered molded fiberglass concrete forming pans are credited with a 15 percent savings in initial cost and with cutting total stripping time to 5 seconds a square foot on a 5 building residence hall project at Pennsylvania State University. The 19 by 19 by 8 inch void pans, which weigh but 6 and three-fourths pounds are being used a total of 42,000 times to form the floors and waffle like ceilings. When the concrete is cured- a 5 day period on this project- the scaffolding, supports for the pans and the forming pans themselves are removed from below, exposing a ceiling finished except for painting. The waffle pattern of exposed reinforced concrete ribs created by the pans gives a feeling of openness and space that makes practicable the 7 foot 4 inch ceiling that features most floors of this 5 building project. Other plus factors cited for the pans are light weight; good dimensional stability; non-warping, non-denting, non-rusting surface; and smooth, long-wearing finish with superior wetting and easy release characteristics.