Bridge deck scaffolding can be attached directly to the bridge beams while they are still on the ground, according to a proposal by the manufacturer of a proprietary support system. With this A-frame scaffolding attached, the beams can then be raised by crane and set on the bridge piers. Plywood decking is applied, and the concrete is placed. The frame brackets can be fastened to either steel I-beams or prestressed concrete girders.

The A-frame scaffolding bracket consists of four components: a vertical member which attaches to the beam, a horizontal member which cantilevers out from the beam, a diagonal which supports the horizontal member, and a slide bar which is attached to the horizontal member for making adjustments. By means of adjusting screws, normal camber adjustments can be made, and by moving the locking pins between the several holes which punctuate the length of the slide bar, the bar can be adjusted horizontally to accommodate various beam widths, eliminating shimming.

According to the manufacturer, 90 square feet of decking can be installed in one hour by one man (at a fraction of the cost) using this method. The support brackets may also be mounted on wall or column supports for use in high-rise projects.